Mothers have lost their village. They have lost their circles, and their red tents.
Some have even lost themselves. This is an invitation to voyage back home to the sacredness of motherhood, An alchemical experience, where we transform our suffering into strength, our sorrow into grace, and our longings into gifts.



How do we recreate the circle?


1/ Safe Space

We know that women who are in the birthing space, SAFETY is so important. Her body will not blossom and open affectively if she is feeling unsafe. On an emotional level this is the same. Women are shown daily, that the world is not safe, physically, emotionally, spiritually in our power. We need to relearn how to feel safe so we can create more sanctuary for us to blossom.

2/ Sisterhood

One of the biggest tools used to strip women from their power, was the creation of the sister wound. This has been done systematically and is very hard to unravel its hold on us. Women have traditionally always relied on each other to support their transition into motherhood, Grandmothers, aunties, sisters all playing a vital role. These relationships are the sustaining life force of all mothers, and its time to reclaim them!

3/ Synergy

When women join in community and heart connection, magic happens. Ideas, inspiration, creation, flows through us as sacred vessels of the Devine. We can truly birth anything when we have SAFE SPACE and SISTERHOOD, we heal the sister wound and step into our vast creative power. In this synergistic state, we will birth a new world.

Step into the circle






gathering together is our Medicine 

Join me on a 5 month  journey into the realms of magic and alchemy, We will explore each element in a monthly circle around the full moon to honour, celebrate, explore and witness the medicine of each element and how it has shaped our journey into motherhood. We will then use ritual, ceremony, movement, plants, and gifts from Mother Gaia to alchemize each element into medicine we can use in daily practice to bring harmony and transformation into our lives.

Water Element

Our firsrt circle will be dediacted to the

W A T E R element.

This 3.5 hour circle will include -Tea ceremony with sacred feminine herbs.

-Circle sharing

-Water cleansing from the creek on the land

-Rose + Crystal Bath salt making

-Movement medicine

-WATER journey through inner visualization

You will take home a small container of tea and a rose elixir from Growing Wild Apothecary As well as  Crystal and Rose bath Salts and Professional Photos from the Day

When November 21st 1-4:30pm
Where Rising Sol Space
Investment Sliding scale $75-$100