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Katreena and Ben's West Coast Elopement

Where to start with this couple and this day. Katreena and Ben are well known and loved by many on Vancouver Island, so when they contacted me about documenting their intimate wedding on a remote beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and to also make their wedding rings, this girl was hella stoked!

I did a bit of research into the location their ceremony was to take place, and made the call to bring my family with me on a mini Vacation. We camped right on Brady's Beach in West Bamfield. A location you have to boat and then hike your camping gear into.

We spent two days on the beach before the wedding took place, so by the time the day came, I was well in love with this place.

In comes the couple and a handful of their closest friends, delivered right onto the sandy beach by one of the local water taxi's. We explore the old growth and dance on the shores before delivering the couple to the most stunning location for a wedding ceremony I could ever imagine. They stood within the circle of their people who know them and love them, and exchanged their emotional vows.

Followed by Champagne, dancing on the beach and a dip in the ocean, they all loaded back onto that water taxi and into the setting sun. The day was nothing short of magic, but if you know Ben & Katreena, then of course it would be.