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Danielle and Ryan's Intimate Couple Adventure

Let's just say I am a big fan of these two. Once in a while you come across a couple who's sparks of love and passion for each other flies off of them and land on others. The alchemy that occurs, ripples out into world, spreading all kinds of good feelings in others hearts and minds.

For a couple who are in the thick of parenting when you would imagine that flame of passion is more like a lump of coal then an explosive inferno , these two would certainly prove you wrong. They are currently homeschooling two young girls while meeting the many need of an infant, while running businesses and homesteading their land and animals. Definitely #familygoals right here! Every time I hang with these two and their adorable daughters I feel inspired to live with more intention, love with more freedom and offer gratitude to the many blessings in my life. Especially the opportunity I get to document couples and families like the Simpsons.

Danielle was one of the first clients I had when I started building my portfolio a year ago. I had the chance to get her and Ryan together for a few minutes in front of my camera and I was fascinated with their connection and couldn't get enough. Although the session was a maternity session, those couples photo's were by far my favourite captured on that day. I guess you could say that moment planted a seed that has now bloomed into the passion I now have for capturing couples. So to get to finally have some time with the two of them was certainly a bucket list moment for 2018!


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