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Elopements in Covid Pandemic Times

When Eloping becomes the Light at the end of the tunnel

Where to begin....

We are all being shaken to our cores in more ways then one. Our daily lives have changed drastically, our future plans are being challenged, and our priorities are being questioned. Each day is a new day to choose how we view this situation.

For us self employed souls in an industry that is being impacted (or halted all together) we are fumbling in the dark to figure our way through this, not just for ourselves but for our amazing couples who are having to let go of all their wedding day hopes and dreams. My heart truly aches for you.

But hope is not lost.


As an elopement + intimate wedding photographer my passionate is empowering couples to choose a less traveled road. But now we are all faced with an expansive never explored terrain where there used to be maps + signs + familiar roads. It is no doubt frightening to say the least. But what if there was a silver lining? I know for myself I have found a newfound joy for simplicity in this new daily life. And what if that space that a simpler life creates for us allows us to open a door to a more simple existence post pandemic?

There is nothing worse then being told you can't do something you spent years planning and dreaming about. Maybe even a lifetime! It is a heartbreak that so many are experiencing across the globe right now. Not just big weddings are being impacted, even those intimate backyard weddings are being postponed left and right. No couple is immune from the heartache Covid 19 is inflicting on the world.

But when we wake up from the nightmare we are currently living in, we may see something we never saw before but was always there. In the end, none of those things matter. What truly matters in the love we have for our families and our dear friends. What matters is not the material things we have to let go of, but knowing that we have someone to share the struggle with.

This virus will likely force you to chance your wedding plans. But this doesn't need to be the ending of your story for your wedding. I have got some advice for anyone considering an elopement due to the cover 19 pandemic

1.Reach out to all your vendors

Every vendor who is apart of making your dream wedding come to life, cares deeply about what you are experiencing. But they are also business owners with mouths to feed and have to navigate this time as well. Create an open dialog about how you want your wedding plans to evolve and if these changes will impact them. Vendors are extremely understanding with this pandemic and are committed to helping you make alternative wedding arrangements. It is incredibly important to keep them informed of any possible changes to how they will be involved in your wedding day.

2.Make a list of what is most important to your wedding

Maybe you always dreamed of a big wedding. But people change, life changes. Nothing is certain, especially right now. Priorities when it comes to your wedding are personal and evolving right now. Be gentle with yourself if you find that you are feeling overwhelmed or mourning the loss of your wedding day dreams. Here is an exercise. Write down the top 10 parts of your wedding day you are most exited about. Is there a way to check those things off the list if you choose to elope? There is a good chance that you will be able to check off al least some of the most important ones.

3.Make a decision from the heart

Don't rush into any major decisions when it comes to your wedding in 2020. We are still navigating this day by day and the last thing you want to do is make a huge decision about one of the most important days of your life, based in fear. Meditate, spend time in nature, talk to your loved ones. In time, you will know what feels right.

4.Consider an elopement in 2020 and a reception in 2021

One of the biggest losses for couples who have dreamed about a big celebration is that they won't get to party down with all their guests. If you are feeling called to still become married this year, then consider throwing a giant reception when it is safe to do so.

5.if you are planning or considering a big wedding for 2021, its ok to change your mind if you find your lives impacted by this pandemic

There is no way to predict the long term affects to families, businesses, or economy, that this pandemic will have. Many people face an unknown future where their livelihood is suddenly in question. Planning a wedding may get knocked down a few notches on peoples priority list of life. I am here to tell you that is okay! That being said, there is nothing like a crisis to shine light on what is really important, and becoming a married couple may still be at the top of your list.

Adjusting your plans is okay, letting go of those dreams and creating new ones is okay. Grieving those losses is okay.

Shifting your plans to eloping may give you a positive to focus on in these unknown times. God knows we could all use a little light to focus on.

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights"-Albus Dumbledore