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Melissa + Nathan Maternity Session

Melissa was one of the first people who I asked to step in front of my camera, years ago. I had ordered this flown red skirt and we ventured to a local waterfall to get creative. It was one of the first time I realized how clothing can add dynamic elements to photographs.

Fast forward to February when I had this amazing RECLAMATION dress for a week and wanted to capture a pregnant mama in it. When Mel reached out, I knew she would be the perfect fit of the session I wanted to do with this amazing bespoke dress.

The drive to the shoot, rain hammered down, making me question wether or not it would make sense to go through with the session. But by the time we all arrived at the location, the rain let, and we were able to shoot.

I am so glad we were able to connect and I was able to document this part of Melissa's pregnancy. Just a week or two later, the whole world shut down and this was my last session for nearly 3 months. Melissa and Nathans son was born in a strange world, but he will be so well loved by there two amazing parents.