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Tips for Picking the perfect Elopement Location

When Love + Landscape Meet

same sex couple eloping on a beach in victoria bc

Choosing to elope is definitely a day worth celebrating! You have made a very big decision, but now what? When it comes to eloping, the sky is the limits when it comes to picking the perfect location to say your vows. Your location is one of the most important aspects of your eloping plans and worth the time to consider deeply.

Here is some tips for taking the time to contemplate the PERFECT elopement location!

Think about important locations in your relationship

One of the best ways to narrow down the search for the perfect location for your elopement is to consider important moments in your relationship, and if there is a location attached to those memories. This could be the place he/she got down on one knee or the first place you spent a weekend getaway together. Or it could be as simple as the beach you spend sunny weekends wandering together, creating a deep well of memories together.

Spent time exploring local locations together

M + J spent time exploring their favourite beach during times of day when they knew the light would be the best, to help pick the perfect location for elopement portraits.


If you are choosing a meaningful local location, spending time there at different times of day/months will greatly assist in finding the PERFECT location/ time for your elopement. Lighting makes a world of difference in photographs + you wont regret the time spent chasing it in the weeks before your elopement!

Private small venues are great to consider because they offer some amenities that may be useful

There are so many amazing little venues in amazing locations that allow you to experience the best of both worlds! Think outside the box, you will be surprised at what is available when you do! Consider hobby farms, air b'n'b's , public gardens as locations for your elopement.

Make it a honeymoon

If you really want to go all out, use that money you will save from skipping the big wedding and put it towards an elopement honeymoon! Take that trip you always dreamed about. This is something that you will never regret investing in. Epic photographs in a place you always dreamed of seeing together will be a story you will be dying to share with everyone who cares about you. Taking the leap into planning an elopement can be scary. But it can also be incredibly thrilling. Especially when you think big!

I am here to be your guide through it all!

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