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Why Elope on Vancouver Island?

Congrats, you are starting the process of planning an elopement! First, you deserve a big high hive. One of those awkward, slow mo jumping ones done in cheesy movies. Now you hit the net and start researching. Just like planning a wedding and picking a perfect venue, picking a destination for your elopement can also leave you wanting to pull your hair out! Timelines and budgets also come into play with planning an elopement, although less so then traditional weddings. Let's get real, reasons for eloping are so personal and varied that "eloping" no longer means running away from the world in shame, to marry someone. Eloping also has a connotation to traveling to some far off, tropical island to get married. This, although still a great choice for many couples, isn't realistic for others.


For whatever reason, be it your budget or timeline won't allow a big epic trip for your elopement. You are in luck! If you live in British Columbia, you have so many "destinations" already in your backyard. People literally travel from all over to elope and get married right here! Vancouver Island is one of those destinations! In fact, if you google "top locations for eloping in canada" Vancouver island destinations like Tofino + Victoria are at the top of many lists.

Her one the island we have so many amazing wedding vendors, epic landscapes, and mild year round weather. All of which gives Vancouver Island a foot up when it comes to picking an elopement location in Canada.

I am going to share a list of 5 reasons why you SHOULD choose vancouver island as your elopement destination!


people come from all over the world to visit our island for a reason. We have it all in terms of scenery! From wild rocky coastlines in Port Renfrew to the long sandy beaches of Tofino, ocean lovers can have it all! More into old growth forests? We got you covered! Cathedral + Avatar Grove are home so some of the oldest trees in North America. It's like walking into another world when stepping under their canopies. Looking for a bit more of an adventure? We have some pretty rad peaks that you can hike and experience an expansive view of the world below!

2. Amazing Eats

Part of getting married is also enjoying amazing food together. From world class chefs to some of the most amazing restaurants featuring local ingredients, you will have no shortage of food options when planning your first meal as a married couple. Here is an example of some epic romantic restaurants in Victoria BC and Tofino

3. All the vendors

This one might seem strange but trust me, it's important. Here on vancouver island, we have an amazing wedding community. We often work together to help eachother out. Its a beautiful thing really! WHen you are searching for the right vendors, whether it's a venue or florist, we are all connected and happy to refer and assist in helping you find the perfect fit for your day!

4. The weather

Although Vancouver Island can't compete with places like Whistler or Banff for couples looking for a winter wonderland to elope in, Vancouver island offers something else, especially to the right kind of couple! Our temperature rarely drops below 0 in the winter and we are lucky to avoid high humid temperatures in the heat of the summer due to the proximity to the sea. We are also blessed with a beautiful (although slightly unpredictable) hump season in the spring and fall! But I do have to say, be prepared for rain! And also, please learn to embrace the rain! It makes for epic photo's I promise!

5. Local Love

This last point is for those who live here on this beautiful island and know all about points 1-4! You live here, you get how rad of a place it is to live! Maybe you already have your favourite beach to visit at sunset or already have a romantic restaurant you enjoy on special occasions. You love this island as much as those who only get to vacation here.


So choosing to elope "in your backyard" should be a no brainer! If you are nodding your head, but also feel overwhelmed at the idea of planning your elopement, then I am here to help!

I am exited to offer inclusive planning packages for elopements here on our beautiful Vancouver Island

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