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Why you should consider eloping in the winter

All the good luck!

Living in the PWN, we are blessed to have a long, wet, winter season with a relatively mild daily temperature. BLESSED, you say!?!? I did in fact say BLESSED.

As a life long resident of the rainforest of Canada, you get used to rain! Rain is usually considered bad news when looking at the forecast of your wedding day. But did you know it actually has symbolic meaning associated with a long + abundant marriage? Sounds like a good sign!

So why not plan your union during the rainy season!

All the Mood!

As an artist who yearns for moody images, there is something magic that happens during a rainy/foggy winter days here on Vancouver island! If you have a inclination towards the dramatic, then picking a winter elopement date may be the perfect bit of magic to add to your photo's!

Indoor details

Don't get me wrong, I am a BIG fan of all the outdoors scenes that the PWN offers. Its beautiful all times of the year. But shooting portraits + ceremonies indoors adds a whole different level of creativity to how your photographs will turn out. From moody window light, to capturing amazing details of indoor venues, there is no shortage of ways to make your indoor elopement photographs unique and amazing

Pro Tip!

Always have clear umbrella's on hand. As much as it is fun to fully embrace a rainy day elopement, having clear umbrella's on hand can help extend the amount of time you can remain outside in the elements. They can also be super fun props to include in your portraits!


Still not convinced? Check out these blogs of some moody +moving winter elopements I have had the honour of photographing!