Gold Dust Presets


Creative + Nostalgic Lightroom Tools


Versatility meets Nostalgia



More then a preset

Gold dust, that sparkle of magic that  elevates whatever it is sprinkled on.

That is what Gold Dust presets offers those who use them.

Gold. Golden. Warmth. Light

All the presets created through GD elevated the light and warmth present in the image, while honouring the natural beauty of the subjects + setting.

Dust. Nostalgia. Antique. 

Our presets are carefully created to enchance the natural beauty of your images while infusing them with a timeless style that will withstand the test of time.





A preset pack for creative photographers who are inspired by film yet seeking a modern tool for their work flow



The first colour preset of the pack is my go to for nearly all lighting situations.

It offers a more moody + warm edit while still holding true to the tones and grain of the pack.

Cool highlights and warm shadows add a creative tone to your work flow while maintaining a creamy skin tone and natural colours in the environment.

The GOLD DUST local adjustment filter elevates this preset even more.




GD02 is pure film meats modern style Warm + soft with loads of grain

Crushed highlights while still maintaining smooth and soft skin tones. The second colour preset in the pack comes who a light + dark variation.

GD02+Light is more flat, with a bit more grain and slightly more muted colours.

GD02+Dark adds a bit more contrast, with brighter whites and deeper blacks and more saturated colours.



Slightly desaturated colours with cool shadows and the most contrast of the set. This colour preset kills it on studio work and west coast landscapes.

Cool rocky beaches on a warm golden sunsets, this preset shines!



The final colour preset of the pack is the more cooler and desaturated version of GD02. It shines in settings with an abundance of greens, while not cooling the skin tones down.

It still has the muted highlights and slightly crushed blacks like GD02 with a hearty dose of filmy grain.

GD04  also comes with a Light + Dark version like GD02.


B+W01.          B+w02.

The first Black and White preset is a moody classic. High contrast, medium amount of grain, and deep blacks and bright whites makes this preset shine on west coast landscapes, dynamic lighting and moody portraits.

The second Black and White preset is a pure film magic! 

Crushed whites and blacks, a hearty amount of fimly grain and a flatter overall affect, this preset is a beautiful preset for creative monochrome edits. 



Gold Dust Brushes

My brushes are designed to enhance elements of your images in a way that works side by side the presets.

Gold Dust

The GOLD DUST brush is a perfect tool for enhancing directional light in your image. It adds extra warmth and softness to golden hour images but also can be used to enhance light if the image is lacking a bit of that magic! Works ideally as a radial filter coming from the natural direction of the light in your image.

The DEEPEN brush is much like the traditional burn brush, with my own custom tweaks. With reducing texture, deepening blacks and dropping exposure, you can use this brush to paint into areas that you want to deepen to create more dynamic range in your images. When used in pairing with my GOLD DUST brush, your image will SHINE


Deepen Brush

Deepen + Gold Dust Brushes